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We are NOT a “mass Production” company… We build one frame at a time.

At Michigan Timber Frames, we specialize in handcrafted custom designed timber frames. Post and beam construction combines the old and the new in building methods to create a home unique to your needs. It offers aesthetic beauty and character as well as energy efficiency and comfort. This type of construction lends itself to a variety of styles and living patterns. Our goal is to provide you with a frame that compliments your floor plan and design yet provides sound structure and strength to your home. We use traditional joinery methods to mortise and tenon the timbers with interlocking joints. The frame is secured with pegs and great emphasis is used on the details of the frame, the frame design, and the quality of our joinery.

Our frames are cut at our shop in Brooklyn, Michigan and trucked to your site for bent assembly and raising. A frame typically will take three to five weeks to cut depending on its size and complexity and one week to assemble and raise. All of our frames are raised with a crane to insure safety. To be prepared for us we will need your site to be accessible to our trucks, and crane. Your foundation will need to be in and back filled and your first floor decking must be installed according to the specifications we provide you with.