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...How HOT do you like it??

MildPico de Gallo

Gourmet Jose’ Mild Salsa is just that – Mild.  We use only totally fresh ingredients and let it marinade in its own sauce. With a smooth easy flavor it’s perfect for the family dinner!  Give it to the kids, won’t bother little tongues!

Medium Pico de Gallo

Gourmet Jose’ Medium Salsa is a well rounded blend. Medium Salsa is slightly warmer than Mild Salsa, still only fresh ingredients are used and then they marinade in their own sauce to give it that fresh taste preferred.  Gourmet Jose’ Medium Salsa adds a tasty zip to your favorite recipes! Perfect for entertaining or a late night snack.

HOT Pico de Gallo

Some like it HOT.  Gourmet Jose’ HOT Salsa is just that !!  HOT  Along with the same FRESH vegetables, we add Birds Eye Chili Peppers to make it HOT.  Add some Gourmet Jose’ HOT Salsa to Chili and it’ll warm you up from the inside out!  A must on those long cold winter nights.


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