Cambios is Changes

Cambios is Changes

CAMBIOS means “changes” in the Spanish language. It was established in 1997 for the purpose of working with teachers, parents, and youth to address the issue of racism, and work towards its elimination. CAMBIOS has donated 50 multi-cultural books to 25 public and private elementary schools, in Lenawee County.

Our Mission

The mission of Cambios is to celebrate diversity and eliminate discrimination by providing educational programs and resources.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage understanding and respect; to unite and celebrate our differences.
  • To increase awareness of discrimination by omission.
  • To provide speakers on multicultural issues to educational institutions ranging from preschools to colleges and universities and other community organizations and institutions.
  • To collaborate with organizations to foster and encourage diversity in career and professional fields of study.
  • To provide multicultural resources to teachers, parents, and youth.
  • To provide training to educators, parents, and community organizations to assist them in identifying and utilizing multicultural resources.