Cambios is Changes

The History of Cambios

In 1988, there were not many opportunities for youth and families of color in Lenawee County. Idali Feliciano, Debora Tabarez met with Thalia Johnson, then Lenawee County’s 4-H Youth Agent, to discuss the need for programs for this population. That conversation resulted in the establishment of 4-H Spaces program, which was funded by a grant from the Kellogg Foundation.

Eight years later, some of the same individuals involved in creating the Spaces program, continued to have concerns about diversity issues. They discussed the creation of an organization dedicated to addressing issues of racism, and the lack of multicultural literature and people of color as positive role models within our county area schools. It had been noted, for example, that countywide there were families who were still dealing with the reality of racism. Many school districts did not have (nor have today) professionals of color, including teachers and administrators. We believed that one way to bring about “changes” in attitudes among young children and youth, is through education. Thus, CAMBIOS was born.

Cambios, Inc. was incorporated within the State of Michigan in June 1997. Nonprofit status with the IRS was obtained on December 5, 1997. Cambios was founded by Debora Tabarez, Idali Feliciano, Thalia Johnson and Jane Bassett, who provided the legal expertise. They invited other individuals with needed abilities, experiences and skills to become become the Board of Directors of Cambios, Inc. In July 1998, Cambios began to provide services and resources to Lenawee county children, parents and educators.