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Youcanwintoo Marketing Funnel

YoucanWintoo is a one-page marketing funnel created as a tool to help launch the new ToucanWin Penny Auction website. The user can learn more about the company by watching the two short videos. If they feel that ToucanWin is a good fit for them, they can click one of the two links on the page to be taken to the free sign up page.

Make more money in 2022
Make More Money in 2022

Make More Money in 2022 is a marketing funnel created for the purpose in locating individuals interested in working from home. I was contracted by an associate to create this funnel to share a bit of the company story and to collect contact information on interested potential associates.

Lose Pounds in 2022
Lose Pounds in 2022

CTFO (which stands for “changing the future outcome”) is a global health and wellness network marketing company. I was contracted by them to create a marketing funnel to educate individuals on their new weight loss supplement. As an integral part of their marketing campaign, the purpose of this funnel was to briefly introduce the product and to register potential new customers and/or associates.

Shape N Burn Sample Request - Lose Pounds in 2022
Shape N Burn

CTFO (which stands for “changing the future outcome”) is a global health and wellness network marketing company. I was contracted by CTFO to create a second marketing funnel for their new weight loss supplement. The purpose of this funnel was to locate individuals interested in being part of the test study. The company shared samples of the product with interested and willing participants. The results achieved by the participants became part of their marketing campaign.

A1 Racing Parts
A1 Racing Parts

Craig is a master engine builder with more than 30 years’ experience. His work has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Motor City Motors.” Craig, and A1 Racing Parts is committed to helping racing enthusiasts’ meet their need for speed by providing them with the best big and small block LS engine parts at affordable prices. In order to make this happen we built an eCommerce website for him.

Cambios is Changes

Cambios, lie Oh These Irish Hills! was one of my very first clients. They were a nonprofit organization comprised of mostly educators who were dedicated to helping to reduce and eliminate racism. They did this by donating books and volunteers to every school in Lenawee County. Sadly, the organization is no longer in existance, but their work continues to live on in many of our schools.

Cheyenne All Natural Candles
Cheyenne Candles

Ella Bailey is the founder and the Candle Creative behind Cheyenne All Natural Candles. Her candle making journey began in 2002 as a hobby while she was a stay home mom. In late 2004, Ella decided to step out, launched her business, and she contracted Didit Solutions to help her get the word out.

Groeb Farms, Inc.
Groeb Farms, Inc.

Groeb Farms was one of my first clients. I created their site for them and did complete overhauls on it a number of times throughout the course of or working together. What you see here is a portion of the last site I created for them prior to their ceasing operations. In addition to their website, I also produced their full-color product catelog and many of their marketing materials.

Oh These Irish Hills! (OTIH!)
Oh These Irish Hills!

Oh These Irish Hills! (OTIH!) is a non-profit 403c organization dedicated to the preservation of an area known as Irish Hills, Michigan. was one of my very first clients. I have rebuilt there website many times over the years. It started out as a hand coded HTML site, but the site you see today is a WordPress Site.

Viscount Equipment Company, Inc.
Viscount Equipment Co, Inc.

For the past 53 years, Viscount Equipment Company, Inc. has been servicing industry. In 1984, they purchased the Ex-Cell-O Hydraulic Drillunit Product Line. Today, they service all types of Drill-Tap Units, including Hydraulic, CAM, Air-Hydraulic, and Pneumatic.

Michigan Timber Frames
Michigan Timber Frames

Michigan Timber Frames was based out of Brooklyn Michigan. As the name implies, the built Timber Frame Homes. Their website was a very basic starter website that served the purpose of getting their name out their.

Hawaiian Roots Coffee
Hawaiian Roots Coffee

It was for the love of exceptional coffee that Otis Robinson began his coffee journey. He spent five years researching, developing, testing and perfecting his coffees. Finally, after five long years, he was proud and excited to present his coffee to the public. In 2016, Otis founded Hawaiian Roots Coffee.